by P>D> OUspensky

Monday, August 15, 2011


I picked up the book entitled: THE NEW TAROT by John Cooke and Rosalind Sharpe, that I had on my pile of books on a table that I have been putting things from my books shelves as i am arranging things in my library, and glanced at it and found some things I had ignored or overlooked that might be interesting to those pursuing this Way of things...... The subtitle of the book is; THE TAROT FOR THE AQUARIAN AGE,published by Western Star Press,1970 but copyrighted 1968...It ahs an introduction by Ralph Metzner,Ph.D. which adds to its 'charm' and apparently each chapter is taken from what are described as 'given writings'via the OUIJA BOARD...I do not have time now to list the things I find of interest to me,based on other things I have read and attempted to study on the Tarot....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I posted on this blog some videos of various tarot activities....mainly, those of A.E.Waite, who wrote numerous books, some very dry and detailed, too intellectual for those seeking quick and easy divinatory methods,etc. and Paul Foster Case, who founded with others, THE BUILDERS OF THE ADYTUM...and wrote an outstanding book on the TAROT...I shall also place some pictures of books on or about the Tarot or that contain information that may prove interesting and/or useful to those wishing to learn more or to make use of the tarot....which also appear in my facebook album on the tarot and the occult to some extent.... I shall also try to continue my own discussion of what I consider to be important for me personally about the tarot, namely the MAJOR ARCANA .....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


THE MOON is considered the 18th Key of/to the Major Arcana of The Tarot and the moon has always been a significant and important SYMBOL utilized in various ways, from religion(s) to art and agriculture and/or astrology/astronomy....and in the popular imagination and consideration a subtle influence..... What is this influence....? For the basic part, the influence of the MOON is described in many ways....from lunacy to love....and usually is considered or listed as THE FEMININE PRINCIPLE, partly because some Goddesses were called 'Moon Goddesses" in ancient and now in modern times, and descriptions and practices found in various cultures and religions leave little doubt about this aspect.......which when compared to THE SUN, another important Tarot Symbol, requires that the latter be treated as 'masculine' and also as a different do all the cards of the Major Arcana, until such time as one is able to integrate and assimilate all the 'knowledge' and 'wisdom' conveyed by the Deck,in its entirety. Among certain occult and esoteric groups,THE MOON is considered a 'destructive' influence, one that consumes mankind, and crystallizes mankind....a symbol,ironically, of death but of a special kind,no doubt......but there is more to this than what is said up to now and will be perhaps further elaborated later on.....should I choose to do so.... THE MOON represents the principle of REFLECTION and this arises from the fact that the MOON is essentially a MIRROR, that reflects the rays or light of THE SUN....a fact derived from astrology(the ancient science) and astronomy(the modern science).....So that this means that any knowledge or wisdom we receive from the Light of the Moon is 'secondary' and not 'primary' and while, many might well ask what's the beef with this or what's the problem? And conclude,'So What?' it is most important and shows the basic problem of mankind which hovers and sways between KNOWLEDGE & BELIEF, two poles that often create problems for mankind, in the forms of conflicts, like those between reason and feeling(emotion) or mind and body, or religion and science...etc. No attempt to resolve this conflict here, which is familiar to most people in some way or another and which will,unless they have worked out such solutions for themselves, and to a great deal of satisfaction and completion, always will irritate, fascinate, and confront entire world created around them of DUALITIES........ The influence of the Moon has been noted in various ways and Lunar Rays when the Moon is 'full' always attract people in various ways.....romantically and so forth.....The apparent and physical attraction of the Earth's satellite,even though somewhat dispelled by rockets,manned and unmanned, landing on its surface,cannot be overlooked entirely,but it is the unseen,subtle, occult aspects of the MOON that are perhaps more,much more important, than any scientific or folkloric information, that is, THE SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE MOON on the PSYCHE(possible soul) and the PSYCHIC LIFE of MAN(KIND) and his 'inner' composition(s)....some of which have been described in various ways in old manuscripts, parchments, books, etc. over the centuries all over the world and in various languages, many most difficult to translate properly...... For some,the entire Zodiac, consisting of Sun,Moon, Planets, and Stars(including constellations or formations), that is, the celestial world is to be found within man(kind) and requires a certain process, often called 'alchemy' to not only become aware of such but to develop certain 'powers' or other aspects,particularly those leading to 'immortality' as best understood on various levels and scales few take the time to consider or research, let alone read about or meditate on..... However, confining the topic to the single card titled, THE MOON, as I am trying to do without going too far afield, it soon becomes apparent that the images on the card itself, have significance that need to be examined,however limited or casual such an examination might be and usually is........ Since we are for the most part 'earth-bound' we have to consider the Earth in Terms of the Moon as well as in terms of ourselves...which means that the EARTH has undergone,according to certain occult writers, certain PERIODS in its CREATION OR EVOLUTION.....These periods are not analogous exactly to those postulated by geologists,etc. but are more descriptive of occult and esoteric considerations and structures,that have to be understood on various levels, such as, the psychic, the unconscious, the world of dreams, the subconscious, the mind, the soul, the various etheric,astral, and other bodies of both man and earth which, in some instances are analogous to each other but not any really exact fit,however,etc. etc.etc. Those who are more familiar with THE SEVEN DAYS OF CREATION,whether restricted to Biblical notions or not, there will be A MOON PERIOD(which we call Monday but not to be taken as merely the first day of the work week......and in some cases refers occultly and esoterically to the PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE INCARNATIONS OF THE EARTH...on that basis and not the physical basis of the planet per se...... The Moon Forces enable the 'construction' of a body, of the proper density for existence, since the Moon is considered to be the right distance from from both Earth & Sun for this to occur....but when these forces continue,without interruption(s),the tissues of the body are 'cyrstallized'causing death......and again, if the earth and moon had remained as one 'body' and not 'separated' the body of man(kind) would,in all likelihood, crystallized into a 'statue' according to certain occult schools and groups that have 'studied' this influence of the Moon in various ways and atmospheres and conditions or 'states'...... This Tarot Card of THE MOON relates in part to THE SEPARATION OF THE SEXES in which the Moon is the Feminine Aspect and the Sun is the Masculine Aspect....which consist of two qualities that distinct until united: WILL & IMAGINATION.....the latter being FEMININE POWER and linked to the MOON... More on this another time...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ദി സ്ട്രുഗ്ഗ്ലെ ഓഫ് ദി MAGICIANS

Of all the pairings of the MAJOR ARCANA CARDS of THE TAROT DECK the most significant one is,what I call, THE STRUGGLE OF THE MAGICIANS....for reasons that I hope to discuss but not explain........ THE FIRST CARD in the MAJOR ARCANA DECK is usually titled THE MAGICIAN, but while it is often explained and described as such, a few things need to be mentioned....THE MAGICIAN IS A WHITE MAGICIAN, IN ESSENCE, A GOOD MAGICIAN...who is at the opposite end of EVIL......his efforts are always to overcome evil with good,etc. the usual notion of such a personage.... THE SECOND CARD in this PAIRING is that of the DEVIL, sometimes called,THE BLACK MAGICIAN, meaning, of course, the Evil Magician, though it could be said that all practitioners of 'good' or 'white' magic are battling evil,Stan or the Devil on various levels or planes and differing scales....some mundane and others 'cosmic' or 'celestial' etc. Without going further into other details I will close this topic for the moment and reserve comments for another time.....

ഗ്രൂപിങ്ങ്സ് ഓര്‍ പൈരിങ്ങ്സ് ഓഫ് ദി മേജര്‍ ARCANA

As mentioned before, the MAJOR ARCANA consists of 22 cards to which numerical order(s) and certain alphabet(s) have been attached or considered or placed on the DECK for various reasons that need not detain us here at the moment.... Although a consecutive order from one to 22 can be done, treating each card as a separate item of special significance and looked upon for concentration and meditation, another arrangement is done by PAIRING in various the first card with the last card,the second card with the next to the last card and so forth, which yields to some very significant data for their own use....along occult lines.....etc. much of such being entirely 'subjective' far as interpretation(s) goes even though the cards are 'objective' in what they seem to least on the surface, though they are said to dredge up various things from the mind, the soul, the emotions, and the psychic realms,etc. Taking this in mind, I have paired the cards in another way, although I do not know if others have done this the way I am going to list,nor do I particularly care, since its operation pertains to me along with my special, personal interpretations of such...... THE MAGICIAN & THE DEVIL THE EMPEROR & THE EMPRESS THE HIEROPHANT & THE PRIESTESS THE FOOL & THE HANGED MAN JUSTICE & JUDGMENT STRENGTH & TEMPERANCE THE LOVERS & THE HERMIT THE TOWER & THE STAR THE SUN & THE MOON THE WORLD & THE WHEEL(OF FORTUNE) DEATH The order of this list can be slightly altered provided that the last card, which is DEATH remain the last card and that the first card be THE MAGICIAN & THE DEVIL.......

അതെ സ്റ്റഡി ഓഫ് ദി ടാരോറ്റ് DECK

The study of the TAROT DECK, like manyother things,whether simply skills or occultpractices or religion or martial arts, should begin at an early age and continue during one's lifetime with as little interrruption as possible to achieve a 'minor' or possibly a 'major' success,so that when a ripe old age is reached, barring accidents and deaths,certain perspectives and conditions and states will be much better perceived and known than what existed in the beginning-an awareness and consciousness at the very least. THE MINOR ARCANA is composed of four suits: sceptres, cups, swords, adn pentacles...and correspond to the four suits in the standard deck of playing cards so familiar to many....clubs, hearts,spades and diamonds both of which are separated into two parts by color(s):black and red.....with the spades(swords) and clubs(sceptres) being black and the diamonds(disks or pentacles) and the hearts(cups) being red...... HOWEVER, the standard playing card deck consists of only FIFTY-TWO CARDS(with a joker or wild card, making 53) while the MINOR ARCANA has FIFTY-SIX, the addition of a card called THE KNIGHT,which in this arcana is placed between the QUEEN and THE JACK or KNAVE...... A general view of the four suits may help but each should be studied apart from the others which is apt to be a boring and laborious task which creates a resistance, if not antipathy, to the TAROT which requires patience and persistance. Timewise, a year for each suit would perhaps lead to profound conclusions and then each suit could be studied in combination(s) of sorts and then in thoroughly mixed suits.. This means certain 'layout' patterns of these cards, shuffled in the usual ways and then dealt or selected afterwards t make a specific or general 'reading' based on one'sunderstanding and efforts.